//Digital 6 in 1 Tester

Digital 6 in 1 Tester

Model 06-1248

Microprocessor controlled, self calibration, digital reading, and more…



FEATURES: (Displays and prints)Model 06-1245Model 06-1248
Microprocessor ControlledNoYes
Self CalibrationNoYes
Digital ReadingNoYes
LED Range IndicatorNoYes
Overload ProtectionNoYes
Readings Per Second18
Rotor Scale0-15 A0-20 A
Rotor Resolution1%0.10%
Stator Scale25-18012-203
Polarity IndicatorYesYes
Diode Scale0.5-1.0V0-2.54V
Avalanche Scale0-300.3V-39.9
Avalanche Polarity IndicatorNoYes
H.V Leak TestYesYes